Kyoto Vegan Burgur: Matsuontoko

Hello, my readers :D

Chiyoka went to a vegan restaurant owned by Matsuo-san for lunch ♪

皆さん、ご機嫌いかが (^^)

Cafe Matsuontoko (Matsuo's place)  is a vegan restaurant in Kawaramachi area, Kyoto. Here is their web sight: www.   However, it's mainly in Japanese, not in English and it's hard for you to read their menu, map, etc.  So, I'll show you how to get there as well by pictures so that you won't get lost :)

カフェ・マツオントコは河原町駅の近く。 がサイトです。でも日本で英語でメニューや地図などが載ってないです。なので, 写真とかで分かり易い行き方もご紹介しますね。これなら迷子にならないぞ。

Chiyoka ordered a burger plate♪

 ←  "Today's Special Lunch Burger Meal" 900 yen (Tax incl'd) Today's burger was Namban.  Soyburger pate was deep-fried and coated with sweet soy sauce.  Tartar sauce was on the top.  It comes with french fries and little salad, yay♪


The pate is a soy burger,  not meat, of course .  It's slightly chewy and its texture was surprisingly close to meat!! (Chiyoks is not a vegan, so...didn't know much.)  It was very good!! 


The lunch meal comes with a drink. You get to choose from  coffee, tea, juice and etc.  Chiyoka got cranberry juice which is rare in Japan.



A cup of soup is also included in the lunch special.  It was potato soup that day.  All of them comes in a lunch meal of just 900yen.  This place offers a very reasonable and delicious lunch meal.  I love it (・∀・)♪


My friend ordered "Today's Spacial Lunch Plate meal".  It's hard to see on this pic, but the main dish is hiding underneath of the veggie at the bottom.  It's Namban Soy Meat, basically the same thing with my burger pate. It comes with the drink and soup I mentioned above.  Also 900 yen with tax included.




Now, if you decided to go there for lunch in Kawaramachi area, here is how you get there.

 Take Hankyu Line to Kawaramachi station.

 Don't just go up from the nearest exit, but FIND EXIT 9.  It will take you to an arcade called Shinkyogoku.




When you come up from the EXIT 9, the first thing you see is this view.  The 新京極 writing on the left is Shinkyogoku, the name of this street.  Now, 




This is the arcade you will see when you turn right. You GO UP THIS ARCADE (TO NORTH).  Until you see a little shrine.


When you see this little shrine on your right hand side, STOP!  Because, ACTURALLY YOU NEEDED TO MAKE RIGHT AT THE CORNER BEFORE THIS SHRINE.



This is the corner you needed to make right.  However, you will definitely miss this corner because I did.  I couldn't find this  corner and kept going up to Sanjo.  Chiyoka got lost. lol

 The business around here get opened and closed very quickly.  The shrine is the only thing I can trust to tell you as a marker.  So, MAKE RIGHT BEFORE THE LITTLE SHRINE and you'll see this isle.


ここが右折の角だったんだけど絶対見落とします。なぜなら、私見落として三条まで行ったから。ちよか迷った!w ここはお店の替りが早いから目印になるのは神社だけだわ、って思ったのです。だから、神社の手前の角、右に曲がってね。そしたらこんな感じ。

Just few steps later, you will see MATUONTOKO restaurant on your LEFT HAND SIDE.  Tah-dah~! ♪

Now, you get here WITHOUT GETTING LOST!

Your time on trip is precious, isn't it?  I hope my blog helps you little and you feel safe on your stay in Kyoto♪  ENJOY YOUR TRIP, NE♪ (・∀・)/

Love, Chiyoka

数歩でMATSUONTOKOていう看板が左手に見えるよ。タラ〜♪ はい迷わずに着きました!旅行の時は時間て貴重でしょ?このブログで皆さんがちょりっとでも助かって、京都を安心して旅できたらいいな♪ 旅を楽しんで〜、ねっ♪(・∀・)/ ちよかより


Hours  11AM~22PM(L.O 21:00) 

Adress 〒604-8042 京都市中京区新京極通四条上ル中之町538-6

Phone 075-251-1876