Japanese Interpreter Chiyoka

I am Chiyoka Ajimoto, an English Japanese Interpreter in Kimono.  I invented the concept of  "Interpreter in Kimono" myself, so I am the only one in Japan for now.  Yay! :)
(I bet others will copy me soon as always, but I will tell myself that it would be my honour.)




I usually work in my Kimonos upon requests, but sometimes I do other interpretation works as well.  This time, I worked at the Kansai International Airport with the TV crews.  I slept on the chairs at the international departure floor one night after running around all day long.  It was sooo much fun! :)


If you are looking for an experienced, cheerful and runs-fast interpreter, please feel free to contact me! :) I'm looking forward to meeting new clients.

Chiyoka, the Interpreter in Kimono

もしも、経験豊富で機嫌が良くて走るのが早い通訳をお探しでしたら、お気軽にご連絡下さいね!(^^) 新しいお客様との出会いを楽しみにしてます。