Oimatsu: Kyoto Wagashi Nankintoh (Pumpkin Lantern)

Oimatsu: Nankintoh (Pumpkin Lantern) 400JPY.  Pumpkin paste is inside :)


老松:南瓜灯 400円。中はかぼちゃあんが入っているのです (^^)


I am taking Urasenke Chanoyu lesson.  The main sweet we have in the lesson is the wet Seasonal Kyogashi made by Oimatsu.





I try to take lesson in the morning. The taste of the Oimatsu Kyogashi which is freshly made at the sunrise is just exceptional.  I was blown away from the delicate flavour when I first had it at my first Chanoyu lesson. It totally changed my idea about Japanese traditional sweets. It was so delicious that I made up my mind to start the lesson right there.




The savory is subtle but it's fresh and delicious. It’s organic and good for health. The beauty is soothing to my mind and the naming reminds me the time of the season which I tend to forget in my hectic city life. 





I cherish Oimatsu sweets so much that I’ve decided to introduce them here. I hope you can get the taste of it :)



Oimatsu Website is here. 

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