About CEL

~Chiyoka English Liaison~



1. Interpreter in Kimono 


You can hire me as an interpreter whether it's for sightseeing, business meetings, or etc.
I'll work in  Kimono outfit upon request so that you can see Japanese traditional outfits in person.


2. Manifest English Lesson


I teach English private lessons for those who are serious about becoming English bilingual.
I use my special teaching method customised for the individuals based on the person's different learning channels.  Unlike other ordinary lessons,  you'll start speaking English in no time.


3. Website PR to English Readers


Very few Japanese business owners aware of the importance of the English webpage.  They don't realize how much of the business they are missing everyday for not having their homepage in English.  People tend to notice missing thing which once was there, but not the thing they don't see.  I will help you creating the English page on your homepage and PR it to the English world.  In other words, I'll help you to create the opportunity door for your business. Get it ready before your competitors take over all the market. Don't forget the importance of SEO too.